you’ve got a lil’ somethin’ right there


little things that actually make a difference to general life happiness:
•drinking lots of water
•eating fresh fruit
•thinking positively about yourself and others
•washing your face twice a day
•changing your sheets once a week
•hot baths with Epsom salts
•face masks using from things in your house
•sleeping more than 7 hours per night
•reorganizing your clothes, makeup, possessions etc
•keeping your living space clean

Room idea


some miscellaneous sketches i did last nite and some from a very long time ago


some were ref’d from posts on the side blog


My favorite bedrooms. zzz…

(via Pinterest, Dwell Magazine)

3O Août 2O14 - ” I’m not sure which is worse : intense feeling or the absence of it ? “


La redécoration de la chambre s’approche, j’tiens plus en place ! J’veux m’endormir dans une pièce douillette & colorée.

Sternum tattoos <3




All Seeing by LOVEDARTDUVET COVER	/ QUEEN: 88” X 88”$99.00


Kilim Rugs ~ My New Obsession

Ok, ok, I use the word obsession a little too much around here. The Kasbah rug has always been my favorite but I find myself having a soft spot for Kilim rugs lately. I particularly love how they warm up a white, pure interior. The right rug can make such a difference in a room and the Kilim rug mixed with modern or mid-century modern pieces creates such a chic look. Vintage Kilim rugs are normally 1000$ or more but when you’re on a budget that’s just not gonna fly right? Rugs USA has great Kilim-style rugs and if you search “Kilim Rugs” on ebay you’ll find a host of sellers, namely from Turkey, selling gorgeous Kilim rugs for super cheap.

What do you think of Kilim rugs? Do you have one in your home? If so, feel free to email me a photo. I’d love to share your style here on the blog :) 

Photos via La Maison d’Anna G, Steel Interiors, Casa Sugar, Mint Six